Crow King's Autokick Beta

Crow King's Autokick Beta 1.2

Autokick is a Windows based program that assists server administrators
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Autokick is a Windows based program that assists server administrators in managing the environment of their servers in order to help them provide a good gaming experience for players. It does this by allowing admins to set tolerance levels for player behavior. If the rules are violated, the admin can warn, kick or even ban players from the server. If you have a ping limit on your server, the game only checks the player’s ping once – when they join. Since pings change over time, you’re server could be impacted. Autokick will monitor player’s pings and, if someone has a consistently high ping, kick them from the server. If you want to keep players with offensive names off your server, Autokick will continually monitor player names and boot anyone who violates your name rules. Banning does not work with Allied Assault and can be hassle with Spearhead. In Autokick, you ban players the same way you kick them. Press Alt-Tab, click on the player’s name and click on a button. Done.If you wish to scan your server in very short cycles (less than 20 seconds), Autokick can be configured to use the same scanning process game browsers use to put minimal load on the server. Autokick will keep logs of each scan of your server. If someone reports a cheater or Tker to you over e-mail, you can search the log and obtain the IP address of the offender to ban him.

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